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    best bike for 4 year old

    Which Is The Best Bike For 4 Year Old ?

    Cycling is important for children. It helps in promoting cardiovascular fitness and increases the muscle strength and flexibility. This article will show you the essentials to look for while shopping for the best bike for 4 year old children.

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    Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls



    RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

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    Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girl's Bike

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    Royal Baby Honey Kid's Bike

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    Woom Bikes USA Woom 2 Bicycle

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    What To Consider ?

    A four-year-old cannot be expected to ride the same bike as an adult. There are specific properties that you should look for when shopping a bike for a child of that age. Here is the main criterion for choosing the best bike for your child.

    1. Size

    Bikes in the United States are given sizes based on the diameter of their tires. Most kids’ bikes have 12” to 24” tires. If the bike is too big or too small, it might cause injuries to your child. Most four-year-old requires bike with a tire size that ranges between 14 inches and 16 inches. Stand over height and seat height are also sometimes considered, but the tire size is the most accurate measurement.

    2. Weight

    kid bike weight

    Bikes for children should, ideally, be less than 40% of their weight. However, most kids’ bikes weigh around 50% of the weight of your child. When buying a bike, you should look for the lightest bike for a four-year-old kid. A lighter bike could sometimes mean that the frames are too small for your kid or the bike lacks hand breaks.

    3. Brakes

    Brakes are essential for any child’s bike. A bike might have two types of brakes:

    The coaster brakes:

    • The coaster brakes are also known as back-pedal brakes.
    • They require no maintenance
    • On the other hand, these types of brakes can cause unexpected stops causing the child to fall.
    dual brake

    The dual handbrakes:

    • The dual handbrakes are mostly found on high-end bikes while low-budget bikes have only a coaster brake.
    • They work better than coaster brakes; highly responsive and will easily stop a bike when applied, without taking up too much effort.
    • However, these brakes cost a little more than the average bike and require constant maintenance.
    • Also, the majority of handbrakes on kids’ bikes are poorly constructed, and especially those on low-end bikes.

    On the upside, most kids around the age of four have developed eye-hand coordination and can use the handbrakes comfortably.

    4. Price


    Above everything else, the price of the bike is the most important consideration when buying a bike. You cannot buy a bike that you cannot afford. Bikes that cost a little more usually have much better performance, but this does not necessarily mean they are the best.

    You can buy any bike, provided that it is safe for your child. If you do not have enough budget and you want a particular type of bike, you can always consider buying a second-hand bike.

    5. Gearing


    Gearing or the gain ratio determines the ease of pedaling and the how fast you can go on your bike. A 4-year-old child can ride a bike with a higher gain ratio than a three-year-old, for example.

    • A high gearing means that the bike will require more effort to start pedaling but the bike will go further with every pedal.
    • A low gearing, on the other hand, requires less effort to start pedaling but the child is required to spin the pedal more to go further.

    Gearing is only a concern when you want to buy a single-speed bike. Single speed bikes are usually 12 to 16 inches in size and often have only one gear. For bikes that are 20 inches and above, there are many gears to choose from

    6. Bike Width or the Q Factor

    kid bike width

    This factor is considered for purposes of comfort. If the pedals on your child’s bike are too far apart, they have to spread their legs too wide. Aside from comfort issues, an effective Q factor helps the kid to have a better pedal stroke. A narrow bike width works best for most four-year-old, especially if they are petite.

    7. Geometry

    kid bike size width

    Whether the bike is for a child or an adult, a longer wheelbase is always preferred. The length of the wheelbase will determine how stable and in control the rider will be while cycling.

    To determine the wheelbase, check the amount of space between the seat and the handlebars or the cockpit of the bike. You should consider the placement of the handlebar since this contributes significantly to the comfort of the child.

    For a child of 4 years, a mid-rise handle bar is the recommended choice.

    Best Bike For 4 Year Old Reviews

    Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 Inch, 16 Inch

    Tauki kid Bike comes 95% assembled; it is also easy to assemble because the remaining parts are seat pot, handlebar and a peddle. It has an alterable saddle height and handlebar for best fit. Wide tires allow your kid to experience better grip on the track.

    Its coaster brake helps your child to stop the bike safely. The bike also has a long-lasting coat finish that keeps the bike looking brand new for a long time. It comes fitted with training wheels and all the tools needed to assemble the bike.


    • Padded pedals
    • Fitted with a portable pump
    • Adjustable seat
    • Lightweight bike
    • Powder coated spokes, which last longer and hold up in the rain
    • The enclosed chain guard ensures it does not get in the way when riding
    • Manual and assembling tools are included
    • It also has a helmet for your child


    • The bike is of the higher price compared to other balance bikes
    • The handlebars do not tighten all the way
    RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

    This bike is designed for style. It has lively colors that are verily pleasing to any child. It has uncommon training wheels that are classy yet operative. The tires have custom RoyalBaby threading and have a good grip.

    RoyalBaby highly values safety. It contains chain guards that prevent children from touching the chain. The handlebars have a flanged grip that prevents your child's hands from sliding of the bar. The handlebars are padded for safety purposes.


    • It is a best bike for 4 year old kids who have used only training wheels before
    • The handlebar is adjustable depending on the height of the child
    • Parents or trainers do not need to bend over to provide assistance
    • The bike comes with training wheels for those kids who haven’t learned how to use a balance bike
    • It is possible to swap a seat post or a saddle from another bike onto this bike
    • It has room to add a basket in the front


    • The plastic chain guard gets crunched and cracked by the training wheel support
    • It has no rear hand brake and does not provide a way to add one.
    Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girl's Bike with Training Wheels and Basket, Perfect Gift for Kids, 12-14-16 inch wheels

    This bike is designed for girls. It is both stylish and functional. It has coaster brakes that are great and easy to use. It also has a seat post that is easily adjustable. Its sleigh can be used for carrying dolls and other playtime toys.

    The bicycle seat is padded and decorated, and the bike has coaster brakes only. It has a pink color that is appealing to little girls too. It has lightweight alloy frame bike with low gravity concept design, which helps significantly in stability.

    The 12-14-16-inch bike has alloy brake levers with a short reach, a rear coaster brake and a front alloy coaster brake with a comfortable mini saddle and alloy v-bars.

    The tires are low resistant and with tough tubes and it has tall alloy wheels with radial front spokes.


    • The sleigh is a unique addition to this bike and it is removable when not needed
    • The bike is decorated with images from the animated movie Frozen, making it very appealing to little girls
    • It is relatively affordable
    • The bike has caliper brakes for reliable stopping
    • The stabilizers on the bike can be removed once confidence is gained
    • It has wide training wheels, which provide balance
    • The seat is adjustable with a quick release alloy seat post


    • If a basket is added in the front, the brake cable might get in the way while riding
    • Since it is lower set and has a low stand over height, kids might outgrow the bike fast
    • It has no rear hand brake and does not provide a way to add one.
    • It does not have a freewheel option
    • Some children might find the brake level too difficult to pull.
    Royalbaby Honey Kid's Bike, Perfect Gift For Kids, Boy's Bike, Girl's Bike, 12-14-16-18 inch wheels, Red or Lilac

    This bike is made for both boys and girls, so it’s especially convenient while shopping for siblings.

    The sizes available are 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. The 14 inch and 16 inches are the most favorable for a 4-year-old.

    The bike has both coaster brakes for the rear and hands brakes for the front, make it a very safe bike for 4-year-olds.

    The bike comes with all the tools necessary to assemble the bike.


    • The 16-inch bike comes with both the training wheels and a kickstand.
    • Assemble tools included
    • Can add a basket to the front.
    • Unisex design
    • Include hand and coaster brakes


    • The 12 inch and 14-inch bikes have only training wheels and no kickstand.
    • The nut on the rear wheel might be troublesome to remove for the purpose of adding training wheels.
    • Hefty for a 4-year-old.
    • Seat might be too small for a 14-inch bike.
    • The training wheels loosen once you start riding.

    This lightweight bike weighs only 13lb 2oz. Even with the lightweight the bike still manages to maintain high quality components. The stem, handlebar, and ahead-bearings are made of alloy, which offers flexibility while using the bike.

    The two brakes are installed; the coaster brakes and v- brakes enable the rider to slow down at any pedal position. The v-brakes are at the front and also at the rear of the bike.


    • The bike is very light
    • The bike comes with a free bell
    • It has an unusually low bottom bracket, making it easier to ride.
    • The coaster brake is removable by purchasing the freewheel kit.
    • The seats adjust easily, without using any tools.
    • The handlebars can be tilted if desired.


    • The v-brakes might give you trouble while adjusting them.
    • The bike has solid axles and nuts, which makes it a problem when fixing a flat tire.
    • Mounting a water bottle on the bike could interfere with steering.
    • The kick stuff might be too stiff for a child to use independently. The parent or the trainer must adjust it for them.
    • The low bottom bracket might lead to scraping the pedals when riding on uneven ground. Therefore, you have to keep replacing them.


    If you do not mind the extra cost, I would recommend getting the Royal baby Honey Kid's Bike. As it has unisex design, so it would be a good choice no matter you buy it for your boy or girl.

    Now that you know what to look for on a best bike for 4 year old, you can easily choose one yourself. Just make sure you pick a bike that is within a fair range of affordability, without preceding the quality of the bike. 

    The ideal bike for you should take into account the safety of your child as well. I am sure that with the guidelines provided in this article, you can find the very good bicycles for four year that meets your child’s needs and cater for their safety.

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