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    Best Wheel Bearing Grease

    How to Choose the Best Wheel Bearing Grease For Your Lovely Bike

    Are you preparing for your next bike adventure? Have you checked the part of your bikes? If you are doing a maintenance check-up for your bike, it is important to check if your wheel bearings are properly greased. If you do not know yet on how to keep your bikes maintained, this article will discuss why greasing is paramount, and what are the best wheel bearing grease that you might consider.

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    What does Greasing Means?

    Greasing is the manner of oiling up or putting lubricate to the wheels and other gears to avoid them from rusting and further, from stopping. Lubricating has been done for since these types of vehicles have been introduced to the whole world, that is around 20, 30 to even 50 years from now.

    The reason on why we are greasing has always been the same; what develops are the types of grease or oil that we will use. Now, that is why people who love to take care of their bicycles are looking for the best wheel bearing grease in town.

    Why do We Need Grease?

    Our bicycles are our best friends when we plan to go out for another adventure. Greasing could make your gears work flawlessly.

    why do we need bearing greasing

    What To Look For ?

    There are different types of wheel bearing grease that can make your bike work better. To help you choose the best wheel bearing grease, here are some crucial elements that you should consider in picking a worthy one:

    • Water Resistant Feature (Hydrophobic): Oil, if mixed with water will make no sense and so it is paramount to check if it can work as it is even when there are present hydrogen-oxygen compound in the area.
    • Made of 90% oil: Oil makes the best lubricant and so it is important if your grease is made up of 90% oil. Any form or type of oil will do: petroleum, and other synthetic grease can make the best lubricant for your wheel bearing.
    • Viscosity: The grease must be thick to make sure that it will lubricate your wheel bearing. This feature must be found alongside the composition of your chosen grease. It has to be oily first, and then thick to beat perfection.

    The 5 Best Wheel Bearing Grease

    There are lots of wheel bearing grease that you can see in the shelves of different hardware stores, and even in the columns of the online shopping stores, but these five are the most recommended.

    One of the most heard brand of wheel bearing grease in the Park Tool Poly Lube 1000 Grease. Almost all of the websites featuring bike grease includes this brand.

    It is anti-moisture and can be mixed with other conventional grease. It is handy since 4 ounce of grease contained in a Park Tool Poly Lube.

    When you put do the wheel bearing greasing, it is important to clean your bike very well to remove the stains left by the grease. Because it is Pocket Size and Tubed, then this can easily spill if placed with larger and heavier objects.


    • Anti-moisture
    • Can be mixed with other conventional grease
    • Handy


    • The grease is colored.
    • Easily spilled

    Are you looking for a super sleek lubricant for your upcoming schedule of wheel bearing grease? Finish Line Premium Grease is made with Teflon Fluoropolymer to make it more heavy duty. It can be used in ball bearings and races and is anti-wear.

    Also, this product is water resistant; you can go out after putting grease even when it is raining. Heat resistant helps it bear with very high temperature.

    Finish Line Premium Grease, due to its overwhelming features have been used by leading bike and bearing manufacturers from different areas around the world.


    • Water resistant.
    • High viscosity because it is made of Teflon Fluoropolymer.
    • Heat resistant


    • Not environment friendly as it is synthetic grease
    • Noticeable when applied

    If you are looking for an on-the-go wheel bearing lubricant, Phil Wood 3-Ounce Grease Tube could be in your first choice. While others are experimenting in mixing different types of lubricants to make their wheel bearings more tuned up, Phil Wood suggests removing first the old grease before applying their product.

    Made of a large percentage of oil but is more viscous that it, Phil Waterproof Grease for ball and roller bearings is considered one of the top brands of wheel bearing grease.

    As Finish Line, this grease can deal with either too hot or too cold temperature or environment, water resistant and heavy duty. Just by using this grease, you can wait for almost a year before you put grease on it again.


    • Water resistant.
    • Heat resistant
    • Especially designed for bicycle wheels
    • Heavy duty
    • Long lasting


    • The grease is colored Green
    • Pocket Size and Tubed

    The Tri Flow TF 23004 Clear Synthetic Grease is sold in tubes and in tubs. This is produced in premium quality and is hydrophobic unlike the other wheel bearing grease for bicycles. It also proves that it can be considered as one of the heavy duty grease because it is effective even in plastic and rubber materials.

    In addition to being water resistant, the Tri Flow Clear Synthetic Grease can also be used in high temperatures without any signs of melting. This is long lasting because of its viscosity that is relatively higher than other oil lubricants.

    Other than being heavy duty, this product is also identified effective even in rubber and plastic materials.


    • Water resistant.
    • Heat resistant
    • Long lasting
    • Effective with rubber and plastic


    • Easily spilled

    If you are trying to avoid the mess that the process of greasing might cause to your bike, then you should choose the White Lightning Crystal Grease. Unlike the green colored grease or the black ones, this White Lightning Crystal Grease is clear and colorless. So you no longer have to worry about the mess it could possibly bring.

    In addition to that, this is also made odorless and biodegradable, further making it environment and health friendly.


    • Crystal clear
    • Odorless
    • Biodegradable
    • Environment-friendly
    • Water Resistant


    • Spilled grease is unnoticeable

    How to Grease Bike Wheel Bearings

    Pro-Tips in Keeping Wheel Bearings Greased

    • Before applying the grease, wipe the wheel bearing with a contact cleaner to avoid dust from being stuck, further causing problems like a rusting gears.
    • Check with an automotive expert on when and how you should properly grease your wheel bearings.
    • Work on a trashy clothes outside your house to avoid having a messy surroundings. Remember that grease is like an oil or lubricant, and it can cause accident especially if it spills on the floor.
    • Do not work with any unattended child running around you because they might mistake the grease as a jelly toy.


    There are a lot of things to consider in identifying the best wheel bearing grease. As the present time, grease becomes more than just a lubricating gel that we can put on the bearings to maintain the quality that our vehicles give to us.

    Before taking your pick, check first the thickness or viscosity, softness or hardness, and the letter rating which helps us identify if a specific brand of grease will be compatible with what our wheel bearings need.

    My favorite pick is the Phil Wood 3-Ounce Grease Tube as it long lasting; come from a reputable brand. However, you should still choose suitable wheel bearing grease basing your preference​

    If you liked this article or have other grease choice, please leave your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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