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    Hill Repeats Cycling

    What Is Hill Repeats Cycling? How to Improve your strength

    Three key climbing workouts can be done to enhance your biking or cycling performance: the Hill Repeats Cycling (also known as Climbing Repeats), Over Under Intervals, and the Threshold Ladders. The two latter are the usual training workouts that have been done by the most cyclist, but the first one, the Hill Repeats Cycling, is the one that riders would always want to escape from. Now, this article will let you discover why every bicycle rider must consider Hill Repeats Cycling technique to improve your productivity and performance!

    What is a Hill Repeats Cycling Workout?

    What is a Hill Repeats Cycling Workout

    ‘Hill Repeats Cycling' is also known as ‘Climbing Repeat.' This cycling workout is used to improve the performance and productivity of a bike rider. By improving a person’s aerobic system and glycolytic system, a bike rider is expected to achieve its maximum sustainable climbing power, as per the narratives of Train Right.

    Hill Repeats Cycling or Climbing Repeat is done primarily to improve the climbing speed and power of a bicycle rider. After successful Hill Repeats Cycling workout, a biker is now ready to face sharp climbs along his/her chosen bike tour.

    Why Hill Repeats Cycling is Highly Recommended

    Why Hill Repeats Cycling is Highly Recommended

    According to Kerry Bircher as posted by the Total Women’s Cycling, doing the Hill Repeats Cycling workout routine is best because it brings the following benefits:

    • Helps increase the lactic acid in the blood concentration.
    • Stabilize heart rate from 95 to 100 percent for about an hour of biking.
    • Builds strength

    Also, aside from the benefits, it may bring to the internal health of a bike, Hill Repeats Cycling aims the bicycle rider to check on the capabilities and the durability of their gears before setting out for a more serious bike tour.

    How to Do

    The ‘Hill Repeats Cycling’ must be done in five to eight minutes per set, depending on the capability of the biker who will do the workout routine. In a bicycle rider’s first attempt in trying the Climbing Repeat, it is best to make two consecutive full sets of five to eight minutes each to see if the body and its system can make a follow through given such intensity.

    After some weeks of doing the Hill Repeats Cycling, a biker can now change his/her routine by including another set of a five to eight-minute workout. After that, an advanced biker can now proceed in doing a more intensive routine composed of four sets of the eight-minute Hill Repeats Cycling.

    For example, a bike may pass the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level by consistently doing the workout routine for two weeks each—two weeks with three sets, two weeks with three sets, and then two weeks of doing four rounds of the eight-minute workout routine. To guide you properly, here are the basic steps on how to perform the Hill Repeats Cycling workout:

    how to do Hill Repeats Cycling

    Steps in Doing the Hill Repeats Cycling

    > Step 1: Identify an area near you where you can consistently practice the Hill Repeats Cycling workout routine. If you live in a flat area, look for another place, specifically hill, with steeper slopes than usual.

    > Step 2: Before getting into your bicycle, perform some warm-up exercises for 15 to 20 minutes.

    > Step 3: Drive for 5 to 10 minutes in your most comfortable position. Then, perform a single minute biking while seating, and then another minute leaning and coasting down the hill.

    In the third minute, try standing up while working on the pedals.

    > Step 4: Measure the track and then device your own Hill Repeats Cycling Workout round. Per round, there must be around five to eight minutes of random acts (seating, coasting, standing).

    > Step 5: Repeat the round or set until four times per day, depending on the capability of the biker.

    > Step 6:Perform cool down exercises for faster recovery, and also to resolve potential muscle fatigue.

    > Step 7: Perform the Hill Repeats Cycling every day for one to two months.

    Pro Tips:

    • Before starting with the basic eight-minute workout routine for beginners, make sure to spark-up your workout routine by warming up. It is best to do some squats and stretching beforehand to prevent the occurrence of muscle fatigue, and also to improve the elasticity of your body muscles. Warm up must be done 10 to 15 minutes before starting the cycling workout routine.
    • Give yourself enough time to cool down every time you finish a set. This will help you communicate with your body, further helping it to recover and replenish the lost energy faster. Also, by doing a constant cool down, you are increasing the ability of your body towards absorbing such intensity of a cycling workout.
    • Always check your gears, most especially if your bike is not used to have been driven in rough and sharp climbs.

    A Quick Recap

    Hill Repeats Cycling workout is beneficial for bikers and for their bicycles that are why it should have been done along with the Over Under Intervals and the Threshold Ladders. It is best done in preparation for long bicycle tour so do not forget to invite your colleagues to do this exercise with you!

    Do you have any other suggestions regarding Hill Repeats? Drop them down below!

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